January 6, 2020

SENEGAL DAY 06 • Ecole Nationale des Arts of Dakar


This is a short video from a two hour long workshop I did with the students of the Ecole Nationale des Arts of Dakar, Senegal. In this workshop I presented my drumming and for the first time I really went into details and shared my philosophy about my modern approach to Senegalese drumming.

The students were super welcoming and gave me the feeling that they love what I'm doing with their tradition. We played some rhythms together and some joined by dancing. A real warm experience. I will never stop being thankful by the positive reaction I get here.

This workshop was arranged by the Israeli embassy in Dakar thanks to Daniel Aschheim, Boly Bah and Maimouna Casse. Thanks Norbert Hausen for managing.

Cameras and photos by Vera Bello

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