January 2, 2020

SENEGAL DAY 02 • Kenkelibaa Morning Show


Today I was invited to perform on Senegalese national TV station - RTS1 Sénégal in a morning show called Kenkelibaa. The team and people in the station were so nice and welcoming and I'm glad for having the opportunity to show my creation, based on Senegalese beautiful tradition, in front of so many people live on national TV.

I presented my playing and also talk a little bit about it, translated by my good friend and partner Norbert Hausen. Please pay attention to the intro of the show 😋🇸🇳. This is my first appearance on Senegalese national television and it was a big surprised for all the viewers.

I really want to thank Alioune Badara Kane for inviting me to participate, Boly Bah for coordinating and Norbert Hausen for managing.

Photos by Vera Bello and video by RTS1 Senegal.

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