January 7, 2020

• SENEGAL DAY 07 • Show at the Israeli ambassador's residency


I was invited to play a concert at the residency of the Israeli ambassador in Senegal, Roi Rosenblit. The evening was a special event and celebration of cultural dialogue and inspiration.

I was honoured to play my Solo act in front of ambassadors, musicians, students, friends and many others. A big surprise was to have Cheikh Lo as a guest.

I would like to thank the Israeli embassy team for the amazing collaboration, we did some beautiful things together this week, with one goal only >> to melt borders and connect by music and rhythm. Thanks Daniel Aschheim, Elisa aschheim Aliza Grace Leslau, Fatou Cassé Seck, Boly Bah, Maimouna Casse, Marie Christelle Azanlin, Pathe Diop, Itai Hoftman.

Big thanks to Norbert Hausen for management
Cameras by Vera Bello


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Management & booking

Norbert Hausen - n.hausen@yahoo.de
Ben Aylon - benaylon@gmail.com